Testimonials for bqh

I had my first BQH session with Keeley at a time when I was feeling particularly stuck and in resistance to going to the next level on my spiritual journey. I was totally open but didn’t really know what to expect! Keeley explained everything so clearly before we started which definitely helped me to feel much more relaxed. When the actual healing began, I had the most incredible visual experience and it was like I was journeying into parts of myself that I had hidden away. It was amazing and afterwards, when she connected to my higher self, so much came through and I received so much clarity about how and why I was scared of moving forward. After the session ended, I felt so expansive and light. As if so much heaviness had just been lifted from me. In the days afterwards, I had more insights pop up and I have honestly been able to move forward in my life and release the fear of doing so. I would definitely recommend a BQH session with Keeley. She is so warm and nurturing in her energy and it feels safe to just share whatever comes through even if it makes no sense! She is totally open and non-judgemental. Thanks again Keeley and I can’t wait to book another session in the future.

Kirsty Calo, Bedfordshire, UK - kirstycalo.com

I had a session of BQH with Keeley, although I knew very little of what to expect, I was very hopeful that the results would be magical. AND I was not disappointed! It felt as though the night before my session, I was being prepared by either my guides or a higher power, I slept well and was very rested. Although apprehensive, Keeley explained perfectly what I was about to experience in my session, this meant I could relax into it more deeply. The session itself blew me away and took a while for me to integrate it into my psyche. Now three weeks later, I am still reaping the benefits; I am much calmer, I deal with things that would normally trigger a meltdown into calm focused energy... the list is endless. I am happier and brighter. Keeley is truly amazing at what she does and I will be excited to see how the benefits change with me over time.

Bex Walker, Macclesfield, UK

Absolutely loved my BQH session with Keeley, it really brought new realisations and insights for me which I am still processing! She has a friendly, warm and approachable manner, and I felt really able to open up to her about some personal things in order to bring about healing. My session with her was online, thanks to modern technology, but it was still a powerful session. Keeley is knowledgeable and open minded about many aspects of spirituality, so I would certainly recommend this lovely lady.

Carolyn, Leeds, UK

Testimonials for reiki

I had the absolute pleasure of having three amazing and deeply healing Reiki seasons with lovely Keeley. I have never had a distance Reiki session, so I was not sure if it would be different from the in-person seasons I've had with other practitioners. I was very open to receive the healing as I was going through many big physical and emotional shifts at the time. I can honestly say that the first session with Keeley was so powerful and I felt so much more aware of the energy being released than before! The second and third seasons were equally as powerful and over the three weeks I released so much old energy and I believe that Keeley's healing sessions were the catalyst for this. It was so lovely being able to just relax in my own bed on my own yet know that I was being supported by her and I could literally feel her love and positive energy guiding me. I would 1000000% recommend working with Keeley and I intend to keep having monthly sessions with her - they were that effective. Keeley is such a warm, loving and beautiful healer and I'm so grateful to get to experience her amazing healing gifts. Thank you Keeley.

Kirsty Calo, Bedfordshire, UK - kirstycalo.com

The three reiki sessions I had with Keeley not only shifted the energy, intent and motivation I brought to each day thereafter but also provided needed comfort and support. I came to Keeley in the midst of a huge life transition, having just moved cross country. I was also at a crossroads with my purpose. I was feeling lethargic, a bit confused, reclusive, self-reflective, and entertained self-doubts and uncertainties. Having been reiki-attuned, when Keeley conducted her work I could actually ‘feel’ the energetic shifts occurring in my physical body. At some points I could even tell when deeper work was being done because I would slip in and out of consciousness, almost as if I took a nap during the process. Immediately after the first session I had a very noticeable BURST of energy for a couple of days and didn’t need coffee, for once! Subtle positive mindset shifts were also occurring, I was pondering possibility and looking forward to the future and the unknown. The real uncanny part was that Keeley knew what feelings, issues, or blocks I wanted to release without me even telling her! After each session she would provide verbal feedback and I was routinely awestruck at its accuracy. It was like a checklist of all the things I had released or reinforced during the session. To top it off, she’d draw a number of oracle cards at the end of each session that further affirmed the intent I had at the onset. The cards also provided great insight on how I should proceed in certain areas in my life. I’ve had reiki sessions before, but I have to say, none were so intuitive, unique and thought-provoking as Keeley’s sessions. It’s a soul-shifting experience I encourage you to have for yourself.

Lani Buess, LA, USA- lanibuess.com

I have recently been lucky enough to have received 3 remote reiki sessions from the delightful Keeley. I was highly stressed as we had just moved house a few days before. During the first session, it was as if we had a telepathic link as she reported back almost exactly what I was feeling and seeing. The second session I went even deeper into a meditative state and felt such a caring gentle energy. The third session I went deep again and came out feeling so excited. Keeley takes her time and explains everything she picks up during the session. She is so passionate about what she does and you can completely see it is total bliss for her to use her special gift. I couldn't recommend her enough! Thank you, special lady! -

The Lightworker Lady (Jenny Stanton), Knaresborough, UK - thelightworkerlady.com

I can’t say enough about Keeley’s services..yes, as a remote Reiki healer, but also as an intuitive, psychic soul coach. Each of the sessions I had were relaxing and cleansing. Keeley’s intuitive abilities astounded me as she was able to locate and ease both physical and energetic problem areas for me. For example, I was having lower back pain which felt better after our session. Furthermore, she identified the throat chakra blockage I knew I had and released it. After, I felt more relaxed and better able to cope with my day-to-day stress. The advice and insight provided after our sessions were so greatly valuable. Keeley really elaborated on what she picked up on during each session and gave tangible ways to work on the identified issues. The oracle cards she pulled from the deck were spot on, too, giving further insight and advice. I highly recommend Keeley and advise everyone to feel the benefits of her services for yourself! It’s like having a guardian angel in the physical to help you. Simply amazing!

Tara Abele, New Jersey, USA

I met Keeley through an awesome Facebook page. I had just signed up to work as an aged care nurse and could hardly move due to my own pain and stiffness. I just want to thank this amazing woman for being apart of my journey. I highly recommend her sessions and look forward to more sessions in the future. The pain in my back has been manageable and improving since our last session. I don't feel so old this week and the blessings that I have received has been overwhelming beautiful. I'm also able to communicate my emotions, others are not liking what I have to say, that's ok as my back feels a little better after. Thank you thank you thank you. xxx

Jessica Gordon, Sydney, Australia