Beyond Quantum healing (BQH)

Beyond Quantum Healing uses consciousness exploration to reconnect with your Higher Self’s wisdom and access deep levels of healing for your mind, body and soul.

I use the term ‘consciousness exploration’, as ‘past life regression’ doesn’t quite cover it. It certainly began that way, but today, many people also experience parallel lives, future lives, lives on other planets or dimensions, different times in their current life, or even between lives on the ‘spirit’ level. Or any combination! There are no limits – you will have the experience that your Higher Self thinks most appropriate according to your intention for the session. Even though I will fully support and guide you throughout, your Higher Self is very much in the driver’s seat.

Your Higher Self is the source of all your wisdom and knowledge, the larger part of you that is connected to (and part of) the consciousness of Source, the Universe, God, All That Is. Your Higher Self knows exactly where you are in relation to all that you desire, and understands all of your blocks and issues – and exactly how to heal and clear them. BQH allows you to tap into that infinite wisdom and healing to transform your life.

What Can BQH Help With?

Health concerns, mental and emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, confidence and self-worth issues - there are no limits as to what BQH can help with. It can help you gain clarity on your life’s purpose and how you can align fully with it, and how to bring about and integrate big life changes. You can explore your soul’s origins and solve mysteries that have always puzzled you.

What Questions Can I Ask?

There is nothing that is off limits. Here are some examples:

  • What is my life’s purpose?

  • Why do I suffer from [health issue] and how do I clear it?

  • What are my main blocks?

  • What do I have a strained relationship with …?

  • What career should I be following?

  • Is this move right for me?

  • Why do I struggle with my weight?

  • Why do I struggle with ….?

  • When will I meet my soulmate?

  • How many past lives have I had?

What Can I Expect from a BQH Session?

A BQH session can be held either in-person or over the internet – the choice is yours. There is no difference in the quality and length of the session whichever you choose. In-person sessions are held in Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK. Remote sessions are usually conducted over Zoom, which you can freely download. You will receive an audio recording after the session. The beauty of this wonderful modality and of technology today is that we can connect from anywhere in the world.

The typical session is 3 hours but can last up to 4 hours, depending on the length of the exploration and healing required, and also the number of questions to ask your Higher Self.

The session starts with a consultation, which is to get to know one another, to address your expectations and any queries you may have, and, ultimately, to fully understand your intention for the session. We will explore the questions you want to ask your Higher Self so that I am in the best position to understand what you want from them and can then ask your Higher Self any related questions, if needed, to help get the fullest and clearest answers for you. This section takes around an hour.

As I am a Reiki Master, I like to use Reiki to support our session and to provide constant healing to you throughout. I will always ask permission to do this beforehand, and if you would prefer not to add Reiki to the session, that’s fine.

Following that, you will lie down in the most comfortable position and we will begin the induction and the exploration, led by your Higher Self as to what is most appropriate for you. When that section is complete, we will speak directly with your Higher Self, beginning with understanding what has been shown to you. I will then ask your questions and any related questions. Any healing required will then be addressed and performed by your Higher Self or any other beings that are best called upon for the greatest outcome.

Once the exploration, questions and healing have been conducted, I will then bring you back to full waking consciousness.

How Do I Prepare for a BQH Session?

I ask that you prepare your list of questions and try to prioritise them. Think about your intention for the session – what you would most like to get out of it. It is highly recommended that 3-7 days before our session, you spend some time each day in meditation or guided visualisation. Guided visualisation is fantastic for working out those ‘spiritual muscles’ that you’ll be using in our session.

On the day of the session, make sure you’ve had plenty to eat beforehand, as a session can be quite long – but don’t eat too much that you are uncomfortable and want to fall asleep! Also, try not to have too much caffeine. Alcohol and non-prescription drugs are a no-no. You might want to do some light exercise to help you relax. Wear comfortable clothing – you’ll be lying down, so you don’t want to wear anything restrictive. And try not to get nervous! This will be a wonderful experience and you’ve decided to have the session for a reason. Keep in mind your intention and relax. The best outcomes follow positive expectations!

After the Session

You’ll be provided with a digital audio recording that you can save and listen back to as many times as you like – in fact, it’s highly recommended! Repeated listening can lead to deeper healing and greater insights. Something your Higher Self said that didn’t make sense at the time can slot into place down the line.

Clients often only need one session to bring about the outcomes they were looking for, but you may later have more questions you want to ask or wish to explore other lives, so I am always available for any further sessions.

And I always love to hear your feedback and experiences, so please keep in touch!

Cost of a Session

A BQH session is £120, which covers the consultation, exploration, questions, healing (including Reiki) and also a digital audio recording of the session. If you would like to book a session, please fill out the form below and I will reply to you within 24 hours.

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