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Soul Vibe Sanctuary aims to bring you home to your true self, to empower you to live your life in full alignment with your purpose, and to bring healing for your mind, body and soul. Through quantum healing techniques, you can unlock the deep soul wisdom and power within to truly transform your life.


Beyond quantum Healing (BQH)

Beyond Quantum Healing is a regression-based healing modality using relaxation and hypnosis techniques, which allows you to take a magical journey with your Higher Self. In a deep meditative state, you can reconnect with your deepest wisdom and your life purpose, uncovering your blocks and limiting beliefs and how to clear them.

While I carefully guide and support you, you can receive mental, emotional and physical healing, release trauma and discover what has been holding you back from living a life in true alignment with your soul, full of love, vibrant health, joy and freedom.

Explore past lives and other dimensions, uncovering the root of present issues, patterns and challenges, so they can be healed and released. Speak directly with your Higher Self to ask all your burning questions, tapping into the ancient wisdom of your soul, expanding your present awareness and consciousness, and bringing healing to the mind, body and soul on multi-dimensional levels.

The answers are inside you…


Reiki is a beautiful and gentle healing technique that channels universal life force energy to activate the natural healing processes of the body, which restores well-being on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It helps you to gently uncover the blocks to your wellness, releases stress and anxiety and helps you to achieve deep relaxation. It helps bring you back to your centre and promotes harmony and balance.

Sessions and Reiki classes are available…

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